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<p>GED Trouble-Shooting Webinar:&nbsp; Are you a GED instructor or administrator that uses the GED Manager?&nbsp; Join this webinar for trouble shooting strategies to more effectively operate GED Manager.&nbsp; Participants will be able to submit questions ahead of the webinar and share ideas for what works best for their classroom or program!&nbsp; We will be joined by Adora Beard (GED) and her colleague Melissa.<br></p>


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GED Webinar-2/22/19

I registered last night since my testing today was cancelled. I received a confirmation email, but no instructions on what link to use to access the online class. I went on the site & searched it end to end, nothing. I tried to chat, but the bot told me they dont know anything no matter how I phrased my question. I tried to call and got voice mail, I left a message but apparently no one is there to help. This is upsetting to me. It seems I should have gotten instruction on how to access the class with the confirmation email. Grrrr
Lund Penny 2/22/2019 3:03:25 PM